Aisha's Endorsements

California & Bay Area Leaders Support

AISHA WAHAB for Hayward City Council


CA Assemblyman & Former Hayward City Council Member Bill Quirk

"Aisha has years of experience advocating for seniors, women, working people, the youth, and diverse communities. Aisha will be a great asset to the Hayward City Council and Hayward residents will benefit from Aisha's strong voice, energy, and work ethic."

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Labor Legend Dolores Huerta

"In an era when our communities - seniors, working people, and women- are under attack by the Trump administration,  we need to rally behind new leaders that are fearless, bold, and understand our fight. Aisha Wahab is the rare leader that speaks truth to power and I'm proud to endorse her for Hayward City Council. Aisha's background and character embody the spirit of our movement so long ago, I urge you to make your one and only vote for Aisha Wahab on November 6, 2018!"

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CA State Superintendent Delaine Eastin

"I enthusiastically endorse Aisha for Hayward City Council. She is a leader who will bring courage, vision, and heart to the community. She will be a voice for Hayward families and will forge an important bond between the city and its schools. Aisha's focus will be on the future such that families with children, seniors, and individuals will all fee supported. Great cities focus on great futures for all. Aisha will lead Hayward toward a brilliant future."


CA Senator Jim Beall Jr. 

"Aisha has a wealth of experiences that make her a great candidate. She is compassionate and well-rounded with a great work ethic."

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U.S. Congressman Ro Khanna

"In today's time, we need young leaders like Aisha Wahab on City Council. She is a smart, honest, and hardworking leader that the community needs now. Aisha has always worked for the best interest of the community - she has championed human rights, housing for all, accessible education, smart growth, partnerships within the community, and the needs of the most under-served communities. It's time to pick the right leader for a bright future for all of us." 

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CA Controller Betty Yee

“Aisha Wahab has established a reputation serving those most in need in our community, including seniors, veterans, and foster youth. She is a collaborator, building partnerships towards progress. Please support Aisha Wahab for Hayward City Council to give the city’s residents and businesses the voice they need.”

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CA Senate President Pro Temp Kevin de Leon

"We need bold, progressive leaders like Aisha in City Council chambers up and down the state. I know she is committed to the fight to build more affordable housing, protect our environment, provide services for our homeless communities, and make sure our veterans and seniors are treated with the dignity they deserve. Aisha is the leader that Hayward needs, and I am proud to support her candidacy."


Assemblyman Rob Bonta

"I'm proud to endorse Aisha Wahab for Hayward City Council. I've known Aisha for many years and believe she is principled, dedicated, experienced, qualified, and most importantly a visionary. She will be a strong voice for working people, which we need now more than ever. We need to embrace Aisha Wahab as one of our young leaders as her ideals will ensure we are on the right path for all people."


Mayor Libby Schaaf

"I want you to vote for Aisha for Hayward City Council. I've known Aisha and she brings the intellect and compassion to this critical job. She is a visionary but also a pragmatist. She knows how to evolve our community to a way that is responsive to residents but is also aspirational to serve the values that she and I share. So I'm very proud to support Aisha for Hayward City Council."

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