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A life of hard work, community building, and creating opportunity for all.



As a former foster child, Aisha Wahab relied heavily on her community. In her adult life, Aisha has worked hard to be in a position to give back to the community that raised her. 

Aisha received her Masters in Business Administration and has dedicated an enormous amount of time in community organizing. Aisha contributes to multiple non-profit boards that focus on community. She works with low and extremely low income individuals to find housing, new arrivals to the United States to speak English and adjust well in their new home, and with victims of domestic violence to find a safe alternative and start to live their life. Aisha has spent years organizing around these issues and many more from sanctuary status to women's rights.

Aisha is a well respected leader who has a background in policy, technology, business, international relations and local communities. Aisha's work is at the intersection of social impact, technology, and community organizing. She has a unique and very broad background that lets her tackle any problem head on.

As a proud American, Aisha prides herself on hard work, community building, and creating opportunity for everyone and especially for those in need. 

2017 Most Influential Woman in Business
— San Francisco Business Times’


  • San Francisco Business Times’ 2017 Most Influential Woman in Business (for her work in non-profits)
  • For her community organizing: San Francisco Magazine’s “The Resistance” Issue
  • American Graduate Champion by KLRU for her passion for education
  • Unity Award by CA State Senator Bob Weickowski.
  • White House Roundtable of Afghan American Leaders 
  • Invitee: White House's Annual NowRoz event
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